Test z języka angielskiego

Zasady dotyczące wypełniania testu:

  • test składa się z 60 pytań;

  • w teście każde pytanie ma TYLKO JEDNĄ prawidłową odpowiedź;

  • na wypełnienie całego testu przewidziane jest 45 MINUT;

  • zalecamy wypełnianie testu do momentu, kiedy pytania nie staną się zbyt trudne. Zaznaczanie "przypadkowych" odpowiedzi zniekształca prawdziwy poziom umiejętności językowych;

  • przycisk "Wyślij" znajduje się na ostatniej stronie testu.

Rozwiązując test podają Państwo nam swoje dane osobowe, które będą przez nas przetwarzane w celu określenia Państwa poziomu językowego. Informacje o administratorze danych osobowych oraz przysługujących Państwu prawach zawarto w Polityce prywatności.
Imię i nazwisko*
1. Where can you see this notice? “You can look, but don’t touch the pictures.”
2. Where can you see this notice? “Please give the right money to the driver.”
3. Where can you see this notice? “No parking please”
4. Where can you see this notice? “Cross bridge for trains to Edinburgh”
5. Where can you see this notice? “Keep in a cold place”
6. If you look _________ the sky on a clear night, it is possible to see about 3000 stars.
7. The stars look small, but they are really _________ big hot balls of burning gas.
8. Every day new stars _________ born and old stars die.
9. The light from the nearest star takes more _________ four years to reach Earth.
10. Hundreds of years ago, people _________ stars, like the North Star, to know which direction to travel in.
11. Where is Mary? She _________ over there.
12. My favourite painters are Manet and Renoir but John doesn’t like _________ at all.
13. Almost 80% of Britons over 65 have lost all or some _________ their teeth according to a World Health Organisation survey.
14. Let’s go somewhere else. There’s _________ noise in this room.
15. Can I _________ your dictionary, please?

Yes, of course. But I’d like it back for the weekend.

16. The religious wedding _________ takes place in a church.
17. I’m _________ living at home but my girlfriend and I are getting married next month so we’ve bought a flat.
18. I was very _________ and depressed when I first went to live abroad.
19. We didn’t stay late _________ we were very tired.
20. Columbus believed he was in Asia, _________ he was actually in the Caribbean.
21. The children won’t go to sleep _________ we leave a light on outside their bedroom.
22. I’ll give you my spare keys in case you _________ home before me.
23. My holiday in Paris gave me a great _________ to improve my French accent.
24. The singer ended the concert _________ her most popular song.
25. Because it had not rained for several months, there was a _________ of water.
26. I’ve always _________ you as my best friend.
27. She came to live here _________ a month ago.
28. Don’t make such a _________! The dentist is only going to look at your teeth.
29. He spent a long time looking for a tie which _________ with his new shirt.
30. Fortunately, _________ from a bump on the head, she suffered no serious injuries from her fall.
31. She had changed so much that _________ anyone recognised her.
32. _________ teaching English, she also writes children’s books.
33. It was clear that the young couple were _________ of taking charge of the restaurant.
34. The book _________ of ten chapters, each one covering a different topic.
35. Mary was disappointed with her new shirt as the colour _________ very quickly.
36. National leaders from all over the world are expected to attend the _________ meeting.
37. Jane remained calm when she won the lottery and _________ about her business as if nothing had happened.
38. I suggest we _________ outside the stadium tomorrow at 8.30.
39. My remarks were _________ as a joke, but she was offended by them.
40. You ought to take up swimming for the _________ of your health.
41. The clock was the first complex mechanical machinery to enter the home, although it was too expensive for the _________ person until the 19th century.
42. Watches were also developed, but they _________ luxury items until 1868 when the first cheap pocket watch was designed in Switzerland.
43. Watches later became _________ available and Switzerland became the world’s leading watch manufacturing centre for the next 100 years.
44. A lot _________ to the house before we can move in.
45. They don’t like him at all. He treats them _________ they were children.
46. When he arrived a crowd _________ for several hours to greet him.
47. _________ she was an hour late, she didn’t apologise.
48. You can’t _________ on him at all. He never does what he says.
49. We _________ go out to a restaurant during the week because when we get home from work we’re too tired.
50. I think he’s a really good live performer, and his songs are excellent. _________  you can’t hear the words because the music is too loud.
51. If you’re not too tired we could have a _________ of tennis after lunch.
52. Don’t you get tired _________ watching TV every night?
53. Go on, finish the dessert. It needs _________ up because it won’t stay fresh until tomorrow.
54. We’re not used to _________ invited to very formal occasions.
55. I’d rather we _________ meet this evening, because I’m very tired.
56. She obviously didn’t want to discuss the matter so I didn’t _________ the point.
57. Anyone _________  after the start of the play is not allowed in until the interval.
58. This new magazine is _________  with interesting stories and useful information.
59. The restaurant was far too noisy to be _________ to relaxed conversation.
60. In this branch of medicine, it is vital to _________ open to new ideas.